a journey into holistic healing

My Story

My treatments support physical, emotional and energy balance and well-being

I’m Nadia Wrobel, owner of Plenitude Holistic.

My passion is to help people achieve balance and well-being in their life.

Whether your challenges are physical, emotional or energetic, I have a toolbox full of techniques and therapies that can help you heal yourself.

I work through my intuition, connecting with your energy field to determine the best treatment for you. Each session is customized to your body/mind/spirit’s needs.

I believe that the body is a reflection of our emotions and of our energy. When we connect to the body and truly listen to what it has to tell us, it will reveal our best healing path.

I am grateful that you found my website and am blessed that our paths have crossed. I look forward to helping you achieve balance and well-being.